Small new growth

        I don't normally respond to the the digest but I couldn't help
myself. Is it not time to write "The Edible Aquarium"?

>  Last: wait a while.  Don't worry about letting it age, it's not fine
>wine or anything.  The wait is to let it carbonate enough to drink.  It
>doesn't have to do this but it's better (to me) carbonated.  I waited
>about two or three weeks I think.  (And I won't even open beer that hasn't
>been in the bottle for at least a month.

>Uses: Fruits form a staple food in continental Asia, Malaysia and India. 
>Used especially in Chinese dishes. Several countries in southeast Asia, 
>and also Chinese communities in Europe and North America, import the 
>fruit directly from China.

        BTW, I bought a small powerhead (80gph) to increase circulation in
my 29 gallon tank and to use as a way of breaking up the CO2 bubbles from my
yeast reactor. So far so good - lots of plant bubbles, no algae to worry
about etc. However, after all of this time with this particular tank - 3
years - I still do not get predictable growth. I have very good water which
I buffer for the C02, a total of 60 watts of fluorescent lights, laterite in
the substrate. The tank is fully planted but the bunch plants like Hygro
have very small leaves and I think grow slowly. I have had periods a a few
months when the same plants grow very quickly and with larger leaves and
many 'air roots' but I can't find the correlation. I keep a water journal
but it doesn't help. Right now even with the CO2 - the Hygro and Ludwigia
have small new leaves.