Coil Denitrification

Having been lurking in this newsgroup for a few weeks I would like 
to begin by thanking you all for your contributing to my eystrain 
with this mass of interesting info!

I would like some expert opinion about the usefullness and 
construction of coil denitrifiers in a planted tank.
I have a 80l planted tank with a CO2 system and a trickle filter 
using Bio-balls. I have wondered if it would a good idea to replace 
the bioballs with some other media that supports denitrification (eg 
clay tubes) or should I build a coil-denitrifier? The basic 
objective is to eliminate the small amount of algae that grows in my 
tank and to reduce the number of water changes required.

Gerald Brown

Blue sky, bright sun, cool sea breeze in Melbourne Australia - but 
never for to longŠ