Warming Yeast Reactors, DYI CO2 Waste

Subject: Warming the CO2 bottles
> Karen wrote:
> >
> >My living room, where the tanks I run with Yeast reactors are
> >kept, is quite cool too.  I've found that I can keep my pH ver
> >stable by keeping the bottles sitting on a reptile tank heater
> >This is on a timer set to be one when the lights are on and off
> >night.  When the bottles cool down at night, they still put ou
> >some CO2, but not as much as when they're just a little warmer

> I saw this with delight and immediately phoned my fish shop who 
> things. They told me that it was a good idea and several of thei
> had done this *BUT* there had been problems with the thermostat 
> heaters going wonky and getting much TOO HOT, in fact cracking g
> As this would be pretty fatal to a plastic bottle I thought I'd 
> you know about it just in case. Their brand is a Zoomed. They al
> suggestion for warming up the yeast that seems safer to me. They
> bottles in a small (2 gallon) tank with a regular aquarium heate
> them nice and toasty that way.

I've had this heater fot years.  It is attached to a small piece 
of heavy plate glass, and the bottles sit on top of it.  It does 
not seem to get hot enough that it would harm the bottles, but the 
way it is currently set up, it can't. 

Of course your method would work too... that's the method lots of 
people use for keeping brine shrimp hatchers warm. 


Subject: Re: warm yeast
> G. Tong wrote:

> >Warmer water in the yeast bottle will make the yeast reproduce 
> >and produce more CO2. The yeast will also not live as long when
> >because its metabolism has speeded up.

Olga wrote:
> Now I'm getting confused. :(  We've been discussing keeping the 
> warmer but if what Greg says is true wouldn't it be better if it
> room temperature? How significant is the difference in life span
> a couple of days?

It depends how warm "room temperature" is.  In my livingroom, it's 
68F during the day and 60F at night.  If you heat the yeast mix 
_too_ much, you will kill the yeast.

Subject: DIY CO2 waste
> All this talk of DIY CO2 yeast systems has got me thinking - wha
> everyone doing with the alcohol produced in the process?

Pour it down the sink. (sigh)


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA