Pink Hygro

Subject: Pink Hygrophila 

> You will find that Hygro will usually grow very quickly anyway. 
> are just starting a tank and want to get more growth, bend the s
> so that somewhere in the middle it is in the substrate. You will
> a new stem will grow from each of the leaf pairs and the roots w
> there way to the substrate. I recently got some variegated Hygro
> a destinct pink in the leafs, very pretty, but none of the books
> lists it. I am using this strategy to get it to grow more shoots

Sounds like H. polysperma 'Tropical Sunset'.  I believe this was 
developed at Tropica in Denmark, but is now grown extensively in 
Florida.  It need lots of light and plenty of iron to maintain 
it's pink color submerged, but handled correctly, it's a lovely 
plant.  This is another plant where if you are having trouble 
keeping it, it's worth trying it potted up with soil and laterite 
or micronized iron.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA