Lobelia spp.

Hello all -

I know many aquarists use lobelia cardinalis in their planted tanks.  I have
another lobelia species that was listed at the nursery as a semi-aquatic
(whatever that means):  Lobelia syphilitica.  It is pale green in the leaves,
and has blue flowers.  Seems to get only 12-18" tall, as opposed to 30" for
the cardinalis.  Has anyone tried this in their fish tank?  For now it is
wintering peacefully with L. cardinalis & water clover (marselianus or
summat? can't recall) in my "bog barrel" outside.  It's been raining a lot,
so the bog barrel has been more of a "pond barrel" for more than a month -
and both Lobelia spp. look happy under 6" of water... so far.  If no-one has
tried this, I will try it later on & let everyone know what happens!

Anne, Santa Cruz CA drip drip drip