CO2 tanks and fire extinguishers

ok, I'm going to jump into this one.

I've tried it. My fish paid the consequence.
My initial problem was how to regulate the flow. I decided
to drill a screw hole throught the upper and lower handle and
use a screw to slowly tighten them together.

It worked at first but it was not consistant. I'd get my one
bubble per second but it would stop after a period of time. No
matter how I'd compensate it would eventually stop. This time,
I decided to give it more gas in the hopes it would decrease
to the proper lever. So I turned it on and went to bed. Next morning,
instead of decreased flow, it went the opposite direction. The hose was
shooting out massive amounts of CO2 and all my fish were floating.

The only good thing about this was that it gave me an excuse to redue
the tank. Now I have the under gravel heating coil (DIY) and
denitrator coils (DIY). I did install a CO2 system. This time it
consisted of a beverage tank with a regulator a friend found for me.
It's working perfectly.