Re: DIY CO2 waste

I had written:
>>All this talk of DIY CO2 yeast systems has got me thinking - what is
>>everyone doing with the alcohol produced in the process?

Olga had written:
>You know, David, I've wondered about this too. Everytime I dump one of
>those bottles out it smells like beer. Are we missing something here? Does
>this CO2 producing give us a jump start on a home brewery? :)

I was re - thinking this last night and came to the conclusion that without
controlling the type of yeast strain introduced to the reactor,  you will
get a rough tasting brew.  I would assume most people use a common bread
yeast to start their reactor.  As to you question about having the start of
a home brewery -  yes you do.  

One suggestion on the CO2 systems,  if you want a usable by - product,  use
cyder or honey.  The by - product will be hard cyder and mead.  Both of
these have a long ferment time (3 to 6 weeks).  But you must use the proper
yeast strain.  Beer does not give you a very good ferment life (2 to 3 days)
so I don't us it for this system.  One other note;  You also need another
storage bottle to age your fermented product.  This can take up to a year
but the wait is worth it.

My prefference is to brew 5 gallons at a time (mead or cyder).  That way,  I
stay very happy.

Dave Parkin
In Minnesota where summer has been called off this year!