Re: Ballasts and T-8's

The fellow who suggested that the 60Hz referred to the input
frequency was correct and my guess was not. According to Michael
J. Ostaffe, Electronic Product Manager for Advance Transformer
Co., "All electronic ballasts typically have input and output stage
magnetic transformers, with some magnetics in the high frequency
generating portion of the circuit. There is no such thing as an
electronic ballast - just ballasts that use magnetic and electronic
components to generate a high frequency output to the lamps. These
ballasts should be called high frequency ballasts to be more correct.
All electronic ballast typically operate at 20-60Khz.  The 4P is
in the 20K's if memory serves."

The NLPIP Specifier Reports Abstract however states, "Electronic
ballasts regulate voltage using solid-state components rather than
a magnetic core."

As I stated earlier it is all Greek to me. But I was incorrect and
the Advance REL-4P32-RH-TP is a high frequency ballast. My apologies.

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