Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #257

I _really_ appreciate the attention my recent post has attracted.  I'm
trying hard to understand this phosphate thing (and handle it in the least
expensive way), but. . . .

I'm really sorry, folks, but would you mind translating the following?

>        Orthophosphate is _not_ a long chain phosphate, it is the
usual phosphate, PO4---, HPO4--, H2PO4- or H3PO4, depending on the pH.
At pH of interest to us, it will be almost entirely in the middle two
forms.  Hexametaphosphate _is_ polymeric.

>Phosphate doesnt hold ferric iron in solution. It forms complex
oxyhydroxide colloids which eventually precipitate into the substrate.

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D****it Jim, I'm a historian, not a chemist