Re: Giant Hygrophilia question

> From: ljw at voyagerco_com (Larry West)
> Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 10:51:32 -0500
> Subject: Giant Hygrophilia question
> Anyway, I saw something interesting on one of the stalks of the Hygro.
> There seems to be roots growing from one of the stalks, out of the sides. I
> was wondering if I should plant the stalk in the substrate (Aquarium gravel
> over loam/vermiculite). I've got to do some gardening soon, and thought
> that might be a good idea.
You will find that Hygro will usually grow very quickly anyway. If you 
are just starting a tank and want to get more growth, bend the stem over
so that somewhere in the middle it is in the substrate. You will find that
a new stem will grow from each of the leaf pairs and the roots will find 
there way to the substrate. I recently got some variegated Hygro which has
a destinct pink in the leafs, very pretty, but none of the books I have
lists it. I am using this strategy to get it to grow more shoots.