SAE and sources

I fear I may have been the 'straw' when it comes to Albany Aqua 's stopping 
shipping of SAE's.  I set up a new 125 gal tank and ordered a dozen from them
to be delivered to frigid Allentown , PA.  First shipment coincided with the 
'storm of the century/decade/millenia' and overnite turned into 3 days and 
frozen SAE's...it took a total of 3 shipments of 32 fish to get 12 alive and 
I'm sure they took a beating on shipping costs.

I've learned a great deal from the posts here and in the FAQs on various 
aspects of setting up a planted tank and now have a densely planted tank with 
MH lights and enough O2 bubbles to look like I have a bunch of miniature 
airstones! Great growth so far (only 3 wks..but I NEVER had any success in the
past...)  THANKS.

In the course of setting up the tank, I found a number of sources for things 
like the lights, laterite, co2 valves/regulators, co2 bottles etc....any 
interest in a post giving these ?(or other lurkers could email me)...this 
would be supplemental to what I believe george B. posted (via the Krib?).

One note on MH light hoods for those considering them.  I ordered mine from 
Champion Lighting in PA and got a 6'  3 bulb hood with a fan( I'd probably 
check Envirolite in CA if I did it again, delivery was about 6 weeks or so and
the unit had to come from CA anyway).  The fan provided a reasonable 
simulation of a carrier flight deck and was fine if you were watching Top Gun 
but a little annoying otherwise!  I was able to backtrack and found that the 
"speech interference level" rating on it was 44 DB....found another 4" fan at 
grainger that had a lower air movement rating but was rated at 22 dB and it 
made a world of difference (can now actually converse when the lights are on).
 Champion's supplier said the air movement spec wasn't particularly critical 
(I haven't noticed a significant heat difference) and that I could probably 
get by with an even smaller /slower unit.  If your buying a similar unit, make
sure to check this out (note: even lower noise units are probably available 
like those used for computer desktop units or smaller units like 3"....I 
didn't want to spend the extra time and the 22 db fan is oK and cost about 

Jim Morehouse 
at Lucent Technologies (formerly ATT)
chilly Allentown, PA
aljem3 at attme_att.com