Re: Fluval CO2

>This leads right into a question I was going to ask.  I've been trying to
>decide how I want to diffuse CO2.  I had originally planned to build a
>diffusor and hook it inline with my Fluval 403.  Then I thought it might work
>o simply run the CO2 into the intake hose of the filter, and let the filter
>o the diffusing.  The impeller in the Fluval is at the end of the water path,
>not the beginning.  That is, the impeller "pulls" the water through the filter
>instead of pushing it.  The result would be that the CO2 bubbles would never
>come in contact with the impeller (not a bad thing in itself) and would be
>trapped by filter media.  A friend of mine expressed concern that since the CO2
>bubbles wouldn't be broken-up, they wouldn't dissolve fast enough and a large
>CO2 bubble would form inside the filter.  Anyone have any thoughts about this
>or actually tried it with a Fluval?  Any help appreciated.

I have bubbled DIY CO2 into my Fluval303 for about 4 weeks now without any
problems.  If you shake the Fluval back and forth it will spit out a stream
of bubbles but if you leave it alone it will break down the CO2 to the point
that you don't see bubbles coming out of the spray bar.  I have not had any
vapor lock problems to date.  I was worried at first that a bubble might
form and that the filter would make that horrible noise liek when there is
air in the line but it didn't

BTW I'll be setting up my new 75 G tank on Saturday.  Wish me luck, I'm
going with Dupla laterite, the new Flourish tabs, DIY CO2, quary gravel and
a homebuilt hood with 6 40 watt bulbs.  Beleive me the fingers are crossed!