Re: Warming the CO2 bottles

Karen wrote:
>My living room, where the tanks I run with Yeast reactors are
>kept, is quite cool too.  I've found that I can keep my pH very
>stable by keeping the bottles sitting on a reptile tank heater.
>This is on a timer set to be one when the lights are on and off at
>night.  When the bottles cool down at night, they still put out
>some CO2, but not as much as when they're just a little warmer.
I saw this with delight and immediately phoned my fish shop who sell these
things. They told me that it was a good idea and several of their customer
had done this *BUT* there had been problems with the thermostat on the
heaters going wonky and getting much TOO HOT, in fact cracking glass tanks.
As this would be pretty fatal to a plastic bottle I thought I'd better let
you know about it just in case. Their brand is a Zoomed. They also had a
suggestion for warming up the yeast that seems safer to me. They stand the
bottles in a small (2 gallon) tank with a regular aquarium heater and keep
them nice and toasty that way.

Just thought I'd pass this on.

still sunny and warm in Vancouver.