Giant Hygrophilia question


I've got a relatively new (6 weeks) planted tank going, planted with some
Hairgrass (well, that's what the shop called it-I'm thinking it may be
Eleocharis acicularis-Spike Bush because it doesn't match the descriptions
of any 'hairgrass' I've seen) and Giant Hygrophilia (Again, what the shop
called it-I'm not sure if it's Hygrophilia spp., I've seen Nomophilia
stricta also called 'Giant Hygro' in one of my books), and both are doing
well. I've got plantlets on the Eleocharis, and the Hygro is busy changing
from its emersed form to the submersed form. Lots of nice green leaves.

Anyway, I saw something interesting on one of the stalks of the Hygro.
There seems to be roots growing from one of the stalks, out of the sides. I
was wondering if I should plant the stalk in the substrate (Aquarium gravel
over loam/vermiculite). I've got to do some gardening soon, and thought
that might be a good idea.

Also, what's the easiest way to propagate and re-plant the Eleocharis? Much
of the original stalks have turned a transparent brown, but the little
plantlets are doing just fine. Should I simply take the whole thing out of
the tank, and divide it up in a bowl or something? And, when re-planting,
should I make 'bunches' like the shop had, or plant them more-or-less

Other tank notes:20 long, dual-tube flourescent with one Coralife
Trichromatic and one 'perfect-a-lite' (gro-lux copy?), WDF 3000 filter,
yeast-CO2 (only on for 2 weeks), and 6 Tiger barbs, 4 Cory cats and an Oto.
Light is timer-controlled 12 on/12 off (more to my schedule so I can see
the tank in the evening). The only disappointing thing is that the 24" FL
tubes are 6" shorter than the tank, and the plants at the ends suffer.

Larry West