Re: Water Changes

> Hello everyone,
>      As my header states this is my first post to this mail list, and as such
> I feel the need to ask a question that might raise some discussion.  Why the
> great need for water change?  ( I am 22, and had keep fish when I was
> younger, when the idea of water change was unspoken)  It is my understanding
> that water changes are used to remove harmful toxins (ammonia, nitrites, and
> nitrates) that may effect fish health (and to replace trace minerals, for us
> plant-people)  Recently, I have been researching into the inner workings of
> saltwater reef aquariums.  As many know, reef aquariums use Live Rock to
> convert ammonia and nitrites into nitrates and then consume the nitrates
> (thereby keeping very-very low levels of all three substances)  In the
> well-planted tank, similar processes are occuring (I won't go into this,
> because we all probably know it already)  If trace elements are replaced, I
> see no reason to change water so frequently.
> I am not suggesting no water changes, just reduced changes.  Of course, I
> believe this could only apply to moderate to well-planted aquariums.  I'm
> sure there are so holes in this theory, but hopeful we can discuss it futher.
>      - Keith

Water is cheaper than trace element fertilizer. :)  I have found that 
water changes often replace everything my plants need aside from a little 
iro every now and then.

tyson at phoenix_net