Re: Before I buy ...

>From: "David K. Drum" <ddrum at mail_coin.missouri.edu>
>Date: Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:47:46 -0600 (CST)


>I am considering the following plant species; please let me know where I 
>have erred in judgement.
>Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae	microsagittaria
>Ophiopigon japonica pussilus	dwarf mondo grass
>Ophiopigon japonica		mondo grass
>Anubias nana			dwarf spear plant
>Hygrophila difformis		water wisteria
>Spatyphyllum wallisii
>Syngonium a. variegatum		variegated stardust

Two of the genuses that you mentioned above are identified as marsh plant in
the Dennerle book. They are Ophiopigon and Syngonium. The Ophiopigon can
sustain submersed condition for 12 months and the Syngonium can sustain 
submersed condition only for 2 months. The book suggested that you take the
plants out of the tank and grow them emersed (half in the water, half outside
the water) when they were not doing well in the tank. After they recover,
then you can put them back in the tank.