Re: Ballasts and T-8's

Karen A Randall said....

In the past, the ones I've used are Magnatek's.  I can't get the
serial# off them without disassembling my lights, sorry.  The
newest ones I have, (supplied to me by the same specialist in
energy efficient fluorescent lighting, so I'm sure they are
comparable) are Advanced Electronic Ballast REL-2P32-RH-TP.
(these are for 2 bulb ballasts, but they are also available for
to 4 bulbs)

Dave Whittaker said....

As you have previously noted the above ballast runs the lamps fine
and the price is right (US$25 or Can$55). Does anyone know which
part is "electronic" and at what frequency it runs? Its heavy
so it must be a hybrid of some sort.

Karen A Randall said....

The one I have in my hand says "Electronic Ballast" on it.  It
also says "60 Hertz"  is that the frequency?

Dave Whittaker says....

Yes, it would seem so. It appears to be a low frequency efficient
ballast with electronic components. The solid state ballasts
run at 19,000 to 46,000 Hz. At this frequency they emit 10% to
12% more light according to a NLPIP Specifier Reports Abstract:
Electronic Ballasts which I viewed at some WEB site.

As an aside, if a solid state electronic ballast says that it
operates at 75% output, it uses less energy but also emits less
light which wouldn't be to our advantage as plant growers. This
might be useful for some industrial users though.

This whole fluorescent thing is way to complicated. Even the
lighting suppliers up here don't seem to know what they are
selling. They remind me of pet shop salespersons.

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