Opinions on current set-up

Hello everyone,

     Here's my question:  I would like some opinions or suggestions for my
semi-planted tank.
     Background info:
          55 gallon All-glass tank w/ glass tops
          AquaClear 300 Power Filter (w/ sponge and bio-balls, act. carbon
          Whisper 2 Power Filter (used mainly for mechanical filteration)
          One 250w submerged heater (with spare 300w, used to heat change
          About 3" of 2-3 mm gravel (natural)
          Two 18" lightstrips w/ 15-watt Perfecto FL (came with tank)
          One Dual 48" Lightstrip with reflector
               Contains One CoralLife Super Daylight 6500k FL (40w)
                             One Radionix(sp?) came with Lightstrip  (40w)
     Livestock (overstocked, I know):
           4 4" Black Angelfish
           1 3-1/2" Gold Angelfish
           4 1-1/2" Silver/Gold Hybrid Angelfish
           3 2-1/2" Red New Guinea Rainbowfish (Male)
           1 3" Crossing Orange Rainbowfish (Female)
           1 2" Clown Loach
           1 3-1/2" Bristle Nose Pl*co 
           2 1" Neon Tetras (1 Male, 1 Female) (I know about the 6 school
                suggestion, but I'm concerned more about the Angelfish)
           2 2" Spotted Cory Cats (I know, schooling fish)

All the fish get along very well, with no sign of conflict (Although the
Neons are shy.)

     Current water conditions 2/13/96  9:00pm

          pH 6.6
          Ammonia 0ppm
          Nitrites > .25ppm
          Nitrates > 30ppm
          GH 8 (why, I don't know)
          KH 1 (why, I don't know)
          Temp 80 deg

I have 3 medium size bunches of planted Anachris (growing very well), 1small
bunch of Ludwigia repens (old, now growing ok with new light), 1 Amazon Sword
(not doing well, old leaves decaying).  Two Sagittaria (not doing well, tips
decaying), 4 small Corkscrew Val (can't tell what its doing).

My question is about the setup and lights. 

Should I go to a overflow and trickle filter (I have read that plants will
more readily use Ammonia, over Nitrates?)  I can do a sump (either water only
or trickle filter) no problem. 

I want to try CO2, but would probably use cheap yeast method. My tap water
has a pH of 7.6+, KH of 3 and a GH of about 8.  As this is now an Angelfish
tank, I condition all water (before hand) with Spagnum moss, which lowers pH
to about 7 and GH to about 4, KH stays the same for some reason(?)  If I use
CO2, should I buffer KH and stop conditioning water?  I don't want a big pH
flux (Would changing two gallons a day work (say ~20% per week total) instead
of one 20% water change per week?) 
Now for the lighting question,  110w is ~2 watts per gallon.  Everything I
have read says this is "low to medium light", yet I feel that I'm blinding
myself and the fish.  Would a custom hood with 4 40w FL really be a big help
(Note: I work at night and leave the lights on during the day when I sleep,
and I don't like to sleep in full  daylight)  This would raise it up to 160w
(~3 watts per gallon), is CO2 worth trying using only 110w now?  Also
everybody says Tritron and Tri-Flux are brighter then other brands (does this
effects anything?)  (e.g. would two Tritrons be better then two CoralLifes,
although same wattage?)

Most everything extra now, would be DIY (trickle filter, hood, etc.) so cost
is a factor
here.  So please don't recomment MH or anything similarly expensive.  Some
extra notes:  I feed heavy (since the Angelfish are breeders).  I would
rather not drill the tank in anyway ( would use skimmer for overflow).  Hope
to move to Discus in a year or two, after I get all this plant-keeping stuff
down (but I won't rush it)

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you. 

     - Keith