Re: Electronic Ballasts from Graingers

>I know that I want a 4 tube ballast that will work with T8 tubes, but I also
want it to work for my current T12 tubes.  The prices are really nice, with
none of the 4 tube ballasts over $60, and most of them not over $45.  I'm
looking at the following parts:

BLST-(4)FO32T8, 120V     75% LIGHT OUTPUT  
4/17-40W RH BLST 120V    I assume this is a reduced harmonic ballast too.
4/34-40W R/S BLST 120V   4 LAMP 34-40W 120V T-12 RAPID START BALLAST

    Just for your information, I just bought a Advance electronic balast
Grainger pt# 3V553 Advance pt# REL-4P32-RH-TP for $27 at the local electical
distributor.  Thats better than 25% off the Grainger price.  This is a 4 tube
48" 32 watt per bulb ballast that operates T8 bulbs.  It will also run 24"
and 36".  Right now it is running a pair of T12 bulbs because neither the
electrical supplier or Graingers had 5000K 48" T8 bulbs :(  I don't think
that I would recommend running four T12 bulbs with this ballast, though,
since they consume 40 watts each and will probably overload the ballast or
damage the bulbs.
    BTW, the bulbs are cheaper at Graingers.  Go figure!
    The IC stands for integrated circuit, while the CIC stans for controlable
integrated circuit.  The cic ballasts are capable of dimming the bulbs just
like and ordinary incadecent bulb.  BTW, any ballast can be wired to dim the
bulbs.  I don't have the diagram with me at the moment, but one of my books
has it and if someone is interested, I'll try to draw it.
    I hope it helps, and if I'm wrong with any of this, please be gentle with
me :)

Subject: Re: Ballasts and T-8's

<As you have previously noted the above ballast runs the lamps fine
and the price is right (US$25 or Can$55). Does anyone know which
part is "electronic" and at what frequency it runs? Its heavy
so it must be a hybrid of some sort.<

    I believe that the weigh is due to the potting material in the ballast.  

               Pete Datcuk