Before I buy ...

Hi all,

I'm ready to get some plants for my /fish/ tank but I wanted a reality 
check from all of you nice people ... :)

The tank is a 55 gallon with between 2.5 and 3 inches of typical tank
gravel.  The bottom inch has roughly 1 Kg of laterite (from Laguna) mixed
in.  It is lit by two 40 watt fluourescents, and I am considering adding
more lighting. 

I am considering the following plant species; please let me know where I 
have erred in judgement.

Lilaeopsis novaezelandiae	microsagittaria
Ophiopigon japonica pussilus	dwarf mondo grass
Ophiopigon japonica		mondo grass

Anubias nana			dwarf spear plant
Hygrophila difformis		water wisteria
Spatyphyllum wallisii
Syngonium a. variegatum		variegated stardust

Other than the carpeting species, I don't want anything to take over the
tank. I've selected these particular species because they are all
available from the same vendor.  I will consider any suggestions on how 
to improve this plan, other than:
* more light (I think I will do this eventually but I don't want to now)
* radical substrate change
* substrate heating
* CO2


David Drum
ddrum at mail_coin.missouri.edu