Re: unhealthy jungle val

Phillip An Sheppard wrote:
> Hello all.  I recently obtained 20-30 clumps of jungle val (spp. ?) from 
> a friend.  It is not in very good condition.  3-4" long and some is 
> getting brown.  I want to revive it...

You should be able to get pretty strong growth if you have CO2, good
lighting and Fe supplementation. Don't worry too much about existing
brown leaves; not much can be done. Try to get it growing fast and the
new leaves should be healthy. I find the Valisneria does really well
in my tank with the soil substrate; much better than the tank with
equivalent conditions and gravel only. Brush algae can sometimes be
troublesome on this plant but if you get the tank established and
keep the CO2 levels up, the plant usually outcompetes brush algae.