> From: olga at arts_ubc.ca
> Date: Mon, 12 Feb 1996 14:42:14 -0700
> I'm using 2 DIY yeast bottles that I change in alternate weeks so that
> neither of them are ever running longer than 3 weeks. They are running
> through a power head. Seems like there is lots of CO2 going in to the tank
> (a 48 gal) -- lots of bubbles coming into the power head about 1 per
> second. However, whenever I measure pH, which is 7, and KH, which is 40 ppm
> / 2.2 dh, and then use the chart, I see that I only have about 6 or 7ppm
> CO2 in the water. I'd rather have it at 15 ppm. How about THREE CO2
> bottles? :)

Perhaps more.  The amount of dissolved CO2 may not be a linear function.. 
that law of diminishing returns... As you produce more CO2, it outgasses 
faster in your tank.

> colour bars on the Tetra test kit box. Maybe my eyes are getting old!! :(
> Being sure if the pH is 7 or 6.9 or 7.1 is almost impossible as far as I'm
> concerned. Are there kits that don't cost an arm and a leg that have a more
> sophisticated way of showing pH levels? Or does everyone just make a guess
> within a point or two?

This is what I do.  I never trust the Bromothymal blue tests to less than 
0.1 pH unit.

> From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
> Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 9:54:32 PST
> Subject: Re: fertilizer
> If you have no fish in there yet or can move them, it might be advisable
> to replace all the water. Does the package describe the constituents of
> the Del Aq tablets?

Check http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Krib/Plants/Fertilizer/

for a back posting from this list where Neil Frank got them analyzed.  
They definitely contain N-P-K!

Doug Verlande writes:  [Re: more hood plans]
> Sent both sets of files via email.  If anyone else wants them, or if somebody
> wants to post them on the net, please feel free.  Both files currently reside
> on Compuserve's FISHNET.

Be delighted to archive them as well, if you wish to send them. :)

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