Re: A bad day with CO2...

I read the post with interest. Great care should be taken when using any
high pressure cylinder. Not that this has anything to do with the immediate
situation, but it is important to remember regardless.

ANY non-empty high-pressure cylinder should be securely fastened in an
upright position. This prevents two things: Toppling of the tank with the
subsequent breaking off of the regulator, and it prevents any significant
movement of the tank. High-pressure tanks can fly like a rocket, and you
(or your tank) don't want to be in their way.

Second, I'd look for someplace else to fill my cylinder. Once is a mistake.
Twice is unsafe and potentially deadly (imagine if they'd done it with O2
or Acetylene!). If they're adding 'a bit more' to compensate for the weight
of the hose, they should have weighed the hose beforehand and gotten its
weight to properly fill the cylinder.

With high-pressure gas in a metal cylinder, there is *NO* guessing!

Sorry if I repeated anything, but we should all be aware of the potential
safety hazards of aspects of our hobby.

Larry West