First, I would like to say I have been involved with this forum for nearly 6 months and have aquired a tremendous amount of information.  I would like to give my regards to both the organizer and participants.   Till now, I had planted a 55 gallon tank with some success but lots of hair algae.  Approximately six months ago I made the leap to a 150 gallon.  I have yet to plant this tank due to the need for adaquate lighting.  I have struggled over the last six months with the Florescent vs. Metal halide delema.  After following several threads on the list, it seems metal halide is the more appropriate choice, considering the 2 ft. depth.  I have four questions at this point.  First, how far above the tank should I suspend the light.  Second, how many watts is recommended for this size tank?  Third, this tank is in my living room, does anyone have any suggestions on how to install such a system while maintaining some level of aesthetics.  Fourth, is there an advantage to using two smaller bulbs as apposed to one large bulb?  Thank you in advance.

Scott Corbeil