Re: CO2 Reactor

>I'm constructing a cO2 reactor similar to the high priced ones sold by 
>Dupla, Sandpoint, etc. I have it rigged so far so water enters the top 
>and exits the bottom. CO2 will enter the bottom, thus creating a counter 
>current flow. Is it necessary to have some kind of vent at the top to 
>release trapped gas??
I did pretty much the same thing, I tried injecting the CO2 in from the
bottom and found that it worked much better injecting it in from the top
like the Dupla S reactor does. What I did was drill a small hole in the barb
fitting and glued 1/8" rigid air line tubing in it. I then filled the
chamber with bioballs. I have had this setup running for several months now
and it seems to be very effecient.