CO2 Controller

>1) My C02 controller is very sensitive to the switching on/off
>of the house flourescent tube. When the controller is
>injecting C02 with the red LED on, and then someone switches
>off a light, the C02 controller will follow suit. Have tried
>to use voltage stabilizer on the controller this morning but
>with no effect. Any idea?

I would not worry about the interference unless it is actually causing
significant CO2 swings. Does the unit use a PH sensor or a LED/Photocell
shining through a reagent indicatior solution? If it's a photocell, perhaps
you are getting some light leakage into the sensor. If its a ph sensor it
may be sensitive to electrical interference from the lights.

The situation may be like a wall mounted thermostat, if you bang on the
wall, the heater (or air conditioner in Kuala Lumpur) may switch on or off.
Even though this may happen, the system is still capable of regulating the
room temperature. So before you get upset, determine if the interference is
causing significant CO2 swings.