Re: When to add crypts?

From: Eric Neustadter <ean at primenet_com>

>I'm now a month into the life of my reborn 80-gallon tank (a 
>Dupla/Booth product).  Ideas for rearraging and adding plants 
>are starting to percolate through my brain.  Among others, I'm 
>thing about adding about half a dozen red crypt wendtii.  The 
>Optimium Aquarium recommends avoiding crypts until the 3-month 
>point, and I'd like to hear what others feel about this 
>(especially you, Karen).

I added some of these to my 50 when I first brought it up.  Yes I was
aware that Horst & Horst said one should wait on slow growing plants
like Crypts, but I figured I had so many fast growing stem plants
along with the Crypts that it wouldn't be a big deal.  I never had any
problems.  I just gave away and threw out another ~20 plants with 15"
long leaves (measured).  As long as you're not having any algae
problems, I'd say it's OK to add them now.

Oh, my tank is a semi-Dupla affair: I use the tablets and drops more
or less as specified and inject CO2, nothing in the substrate.  2 40W
fluorescent bulbs for light, a daylight and wide spectrum plant.

Keith Rogers
krogers at es_com