When to add Crypts

Subject: When to add crypts?
> I'm now a month into the life of my reborn 80-gallon tank (a 
> Dupla/Booth product).  Ideas for rearraging and adding plants 
> are starting to percolate through my brain.  Among others, I'm 
> thing about adding about half a dozen red crypt wendtii.  The 
> Optimium Aquarium recommends avoiding crypts until the 3-month 
> point, and I'd like to hear what others feel about this 
> (especially you, Karen).

I would wait longer for more delicate Crypts, but in my 
experience, C. wendtii is quite sturdy.  I have often added C. 
wendtii to fairly new tanks with impunity.  If your tank appears 
to be fairly stable, (pH and KH remaining stable, hardware 
operating reliably and algae at a reasonable and controllable 
level) I'd say go ahead.  The worst that is likely to happen is 
you'll lose a few leaves.


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA