Re: Ballasts and T-8's

Karen A Randall said......

>In the past, the ones I've used are Magnatek's.  I can't get the 
>serial# off them without disassmbling my lights, sorry.  The 
>newest ones I have, (supplied to me by the same specialist in 
>energy efficient fluorescent lighting, so I'm sure they are 
>comparable) are Advanced Electronic Ballast REL-2P32-RH-TP.  
>(these are for 2 bulb ballasts, but they are also available for up 
>to 4 bulbs)

As you have previously noted the above ballast runs the lamps fine
and the price is right (US$25 or Can$55). Does anyone know which
part is "electronic" and at what frequency it runs? Its heavy
so it must be a hybrid of some sort.

>You might want to check lumen depreciation and see how fast the 
>ultralumes fall off.  The T8's have a _very_ low rate of lumen 
>drop off. (they drop only 20% over their entire life)  Also, in 
>addition to the much lower cost per bulb, you will see significant 
>energy savings if you run a number of tanks.
>Just for your information, the comparable GE bulb is the SPX-50.

I've read that with a high frequency solid state ballast the T-8's
emit about 10% more light than at 120 Hz. You might be cheating
yourself out of a few lumens depending of course upon the frequency
produced by your ballast.

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