I have a question that I hope some of you can help me with:

I am setting up a 55gal heavily planted discus tank.

I have small gravel and laterite (from Thiel) in the sub-strate.
I received a large group of discus aquarium plants from Deleware 
Aquatics. I also have the plant food tablets from Deleware Aquatics and 
I am using the Duplaplant 24 daily supplement.

My main question is: (I crushed the Del Aq tablets and placed it in the 
water, not the substrate), DO I need to be placing fertilizer, in 
addition to the laterite, in the substrate?   (I am using DI water and 
will soon be adding a Sandpoint fully automatic CO2 injectiopn system).

Also, does anyone have the analysis for the Del. Aq. tablets??

Thank you for your help.     Floyd Grant