Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #247

Dear Folks, 
		I have a rack of 4 - 15 gallon tanks 2 rows of 2 with a 
single 40w vita lite.  I'd like to grow low light level plants so the amount
of light isn
isn't the issue.  The problem I am having is with the condensation on the cover glass which seems to dispersed the available light quite a bit.  On two of the
tanks I use 1/4" glass and then 1/4" plexiglass on the other two.  I like the 
plexiglass because I can have it cut to the exact size of the tank and with a 
hole cutter I drill a hole in the corner through which I can feed and run heaterand sponge filter wires.  Nice tight fit for Co2 retention.  But the plexiglass
seems to have property's (properties?) which increase the number of water 
droplets from evaportation visibly diffusing the light more than the glass
covers seem to.  Even the glass covers collect water that does not "burn" 
off after the lights come on.  I know I could leave the tanks with out covers
but I'm concerned with the amount of Co2 that I'd loose, the drying out of 
floating plants, jumpy fish and excess H2O evaporation.  Eggcrate would solve 
only one of these problems so I'm kind of stuck.  Any Ideas??!! :-))

			Thanks in advance (Ballast)

					Miles Morrissey
					Easthampton, MA
					mmmorris at smith_smith.edu