Re: Bubble, bubble

On Friday, 9 February 1996, Stephen Pushak wrote:

> I've done an interesting modification to each of the filters y'all may
> be interested to know about. I siliconed a flexible sheet of plastic
> to the out-flow lip of the filter which extends about 3" into the tank.
> Water flowing out of the filter runs smoothly along the plastic into
> the tank without the mini-waterfall.

I've had my Aquaclear set up like this for a while.  I used a section
from the side of a 2 litre soft drink bottle to get a nice curve that
sends the water out in a smooth horizontal sheet.

Soft drink bottles are the ultimate DIY construction material.  You can
make yeast reactors, CO2 diffusion bells, filter outlet fairings, fish
and snail traps, and heaven knows what else.  Cheap, non-toxic, recyclable,
the list goes on...
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