Re: Custom hood


Jeff wrote:
> I spoke with someone today that said they can make me a custom hood for my 
> 55 gal. tank that would have an enclosed electronic Motorola Ballast and 
> this hood would hold 6, 40 watt fluoresent bulbs.  It would also come with 
> a wooden pin ring stained to my choice.  I believe the bulbs would be held 
> in 
> by snap down clips.  I never said anything, but I find it hard to imagine 6 
> bulbs fitting on top of my tank without it interferring with cleaning etc. 
> The total cost for this I was told would be $299.00 before shipping.  Is 
> this a fair price?

DON'T DO IT!  :-)

Yes, the price (I think) is fair.  You could DIY cheaper, but stupid me paid 
$400 for a setup that's not this good.  It didn't even come with a hood.  :-)

The only complaint I have... are you SURE you want it for a 55 gallon tank?  
Those are so darn narrow... if you want to spend serious money on a great 
hood (I think $300 is serious money), you might want to look at the 70 gallon 
(or even 40 gallon) tanks.  I think you might be happier in the long-run.

I'll never buy another 55 gallon tank again.  The one I have is just too darn 
narrow for its height to do what I want with plants.  If you have the space 
for only a 55, though, I understand your decision... this is one of the most 
popular tank sizes; I have just come to dislike its proportions (personal 
 > They also told me not to use Metal Haldide for fresh water tanks because
> they are really only needed for saltwater tanks.  
     Well, I don't know about that.  For a big tank, I'd go MH.  Small 
     tank, flourescent.  Yes, most people don't grow plants, so most don't 
     need it.  Of course, most saltwater tanks don't have invertebrates or 
     live rock, so most saltwater tanks don't need it either.  :-)
     I don't know about quality of Motorola ballasts (good company, 
     usually) or where to send you...sorry.
     Can you tell I hate (and have no control over) my mail editor?  :-)
     cbay at jeppesen_com          Fort Collins, Colorado USA