Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #243


     Mike Variano <mvariano at vnet_ibm.com> wrote:
> Stuart, leave the UGF in. Just don't use it. Stop the flow, 
>  [snip]

I don't know how much you want to experiment, Stuart, but I agree 
with Mike.  Leave the UGF in.

Your plants should grow fine if it's in or not, since you don't 
have a high current through the (ignored) UGF.  Also, if you have 
an old substrate, deep substrate, or lots of organic matter that 
makes your substrate go anaerobic, you can instantly add some 
fresh (or oxygenated) water down those lift tubes to stop that 
process immediately.

I've set up several 10g tanks (three with ignored UGF, three with 
no UGF) just to play with substrates with some confidence at being 
able to respond to anaerobic conditions.

I haven't done it yet, but I'm even thinking about adding a high 
N,P,K fertilizer (like cheap Miracle Gro) to the lift tubes, not 
the main tank body.  My hope is that the main water column stays 
relatively nutrient poor (low algae), but the substrate will have 
very high diffused levels of nutrients.  When my life calms down 
I'll try that, because these 10g tanks are now established at 
about 4 months old.

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