co2 bell

>>Subject: CO2 Bell
>Will someone please explain how a home made CO2 bell works?
>Reading postings in the archives leads me to believe a solid
>plastic container is used.  So I can use a small water bottle with
>one end cut off.  But how does water continually cycle into the bell
>to mix with the CO2 without letting the CO2 escape?  If the bubbles
>keep going into the solid bell, it will eventually fill up.  Will diffusion
>still continue at that point?
        I like my apparatus: a clay flowerpot  dish. Threaded the tube from
yeast bottle thru a hole I made in dish. co2 stays under dish till it
"burps" up. Can't count bubble stream like before, but co2 stays in water
        Will M. in middle of Alaska where we finally got our first snow of
the winter. You people from the Mid-West want to move up here?

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