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Date: Fri, 09 Feb 96 09:38:00 EST
From: Williamson, Stuart <SWilliam at vccdocs9_telecom.com.au>
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Subject: UGF -> RUGF ?? +other

I have a 55G currently stocked with mainly small Sth Am. fish with only
a few, non-thriving plants.  I wish to concentrate more on the plants
and require some advice as to how I am best to procede.

Firstly I want to add another 2 tubes to the one I have.  From what
I've read many people use standard shop lights, so I'll investigate
these.  Are there potential problems with these? eg water resistance
etc, and also they don't seem to have much in the way of reflectors.

Secondly, I currently have an Eheim 2213 canister filter plus a UGF.
An Eheim brochure suggests using it to drive the UGF as RUGF for
luxuriant plant growth! I suspect overstatement, but given that I
have the UGF and don't want to rip it out, am I better switching to
the reverse filtration?  Will there be problems with an existing
set up switching directions?

One reason I think it may be better is that with more plants it will
be harder to vacuum the gravel, but with RUGF this may be less
important.  Finally, on RUGF, what flow rate is required.  I have
read a number of sources that indicate it shouldn't be very high,
but I can't locate any suggested rates.  I assume the canister filter
would have more than enough throughput to drive two uplifts?

I realize that there is a lot more I could do, but at this stage I
just want to slowly head in the planted aquarium direction.

Any comments / suggestions will be most appreciated.

Stuart Williamson
swilliam at vccdocs9_telecom.com.au