re: free salvinia

>Free to good home:  tons and tons of salvinia and frogbit (both
>floating plants).  Warning:  duckweed inter-mixed.  I find you can
>rinse them in a bucket to separate from the duckweed, however.
>Also, lots of Elodea canadensis (anacharis), Limnophila aquatica
>(Giant ambulia), hairgrass, ... about 20 species I'd be willing to
>give away (free) or trade with (I'll try to make a list).  Some
>more than others.

I'd love some Salvinia, and some Limnophila. I'd like to see what else you
have... Where are you, and could you get the plants to Ithaca, NY? I'd pay
for shipping, of course.

   it's raining here!!! thought it was february.......