Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #239


I'm back... :-)

Until I get fired, you can reach me at cbay at jeppesen_com.
David Webb, please e-mail me because I need to talk to you (and I 
don't have your address).

I hate my mail editor...anybody know how to insert "vi" as the 
editor of choice for WinNT's cc:Mail?

Free to good home:  tons and tons of salvinia and frogbit (both 
floating plants).  Warning:  duckweed inter-mixed.  I find you can 
rinse them in a bucket to separate from the duckweed, however.

Anybody want some 7" green severums?  I don't want the two I have. 
They are about pan-size, and I hear they are delicious.  I will 
throw in a bottle of red wine.

Also, lots of Elodea canadensis (anacharis), Limnophila aquatica 
(Giant ambulia), hairgrass, ... about 20 species I'd be willing to 
give away (free) or trade with (I'll try to make a list).  Some 
more than others.

Thanks for letting me back, Shaji.  I will be good this time.  I 
promise.  :-)

--charley          cbay at jeppesen_com