[Q] Dividing my Amazon Sword

I have an Amazon Sword growing in a 29 gallon tank.  I bought the plant 
about two years ago and put it in the substrate, leaving it in the 
container in which it came.  Recently, I've noticed that it appears to be 
dividing (either that or I actually purchased two in one pot!).  What 
little I've read about swords tells me that after 2-3 years, they should 
be repotted anyway and, depending on the overall health of the plant, 
should also be divided into 2-3 plants.

My question is, "Are there any special steps I should take to ensure that 
the repotting and division is a success, or should I simply cross my 
fingers and hope for the best? ;)"

I appreciate any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc. that anyone can give.

			Jeff Jones