FROG update

Just as other had told me, this setup seems to be working just fine after a
month or more in use.  I used a 5lb. bottle with a FROG attached.  From the
FROG, I used some compression fittings for the tubing/needle valve connections.
They leaked a bit, until I used more teflon tape.  They do not leak a bit now.

The only problem I had, was the temperature sensitivity of the needle valve.
The rate would fluctuate highly depending on the ambient temperature.  Once
the central was working again, this has become very minimal.

I had the tank refilled after it had emptied in about 3 1/2 weeks. (bubbling
was way too inefficient)  I have since tried to bubble it into some bells at
a much slower rate.  I should at least get about 6 weeks out of this refill
and more once I get this rate all figured out.  In the end, it cost me about
$90.00 for the whole setup.

I simply wanted to let Eric(cause he had asked how it was doing) and others
know that it _is_ working fine despite warnings about having my hand blown
off.  It sure beats the hell outta mixing that yeast.  Then again, I still
mix it for my other tanks. <sigh>

Up too late again,

tyson at phoenix_net