Anubias, Snails and Echinodorus

 Subject: Anubias 'nana' flower

> On a related note, I bought an Anubias Nana about three weeks ag
> plant was flowering in the store.  When I brought it home and pu
> tank, my SAE's started nibbling on the flower bud and now it's n
> a naked stem sticking out of the plant.
> Has anyone seen this before?  Any suggestions on how to prevent 
> (Maybe the SAE's aren't getting enough algae?)

The flowers seem to be irresistable to a number of fish, even some 
that are typically not plant eaters.  Although I've heard of other 
people having problems with Clown Loaches damaging plants, mine 
never have.  However they will decimate an Anubias flower as soon 
as it opens.

 Subject: Snails and Copper

> Well Frank, to get rid of the snails, you can either:
> 1.      Use chemical means. A copper based snail killer (availab
> aquarium products) will do the job fine. 

Be careful with copper in a planted tank!  There are a number of 
plant species that are very sensitive to high copper levels.  You 
may never be able to grow these plants again in a tank that has 
been treated with copper. Take it from one who knows from 
experience, although my copper comes from tap water, not from 
"snail cures" :-(


 Subject: Echinodorus osiris/barthii
> I just got a sword plant this weekend that looks like a cross be
> Echinodorus osiris and Echinodorus barthii. The leaf shape looks
> a long oval with very short green stem. The color is dark red wi
> veins. 
> Does anybody have any guess of what this plant could be and wha
> its requirements (light, pH, temperature, etc.) are ?

Sounds like a "Ruby Mellon Sword" to me.  This is, obviously, the 
name they are sold under commercially.  I'm not sure what they are 
genetically, although I suspect you are right at least as far as 
the E. osiris parent is concerned.

As far as care is concerned, they seem to be no more demanding 
than any other Sword.  I've had mine for about 2 1/2 years.  It 
has stayed moderate in size and keeps its deep red color.  The 
leaves do not fade to green the way a standard E. osiris does. 
(Thank heavens!  I get aggravated by the number of Swords that 
completely take over even a 70G tank!)  I find that it does best 
potted up with potting soil and laterite or Micronized iron, but 
with my tap water, that's what I need to do to get good growth out 
of all Swords.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA