Bulbs/Far Red End?

Today I went out and bought a 48" GE Plant and Aquarium bulb, and a 18" GE
Cool White bulb to try out before I commit to buying any more bulbs for my
other tanks.  Both cost me about $15.  I really like the GE Aquarium and
Plant bulb, it reminds me of the Grow-Lux bulbs my father used years ago in
his tanks.  I am very disappointed in the GE Cool White bulb though.  It
produces a very ugly yelllow-greenish color in the tank.  I won't be buying
the cool whites ever again.  The only concern I have about the GE Plant and
Aquarium bulb is that it says on the package that unlike other bulbs, it
produces a relatively high emission of far-red radiation that promotes growth
and flowering of many types of plants.  I think I read here on the list that
the far-red spectrum can be bad for aquarium plants and possibly hinder
growth.  Anyone know anything about this?  Thank you!  Jeff