Re: Elodea rooting

Dr. dave wrote:
> You should be careful what you say about Elodea, my information is 
> that it is a restricted plant in Canada (from local greenhouse 
> operators who say they cant legally sell or even give it away).

I wouldn't be surprised since Elodea is quite tolerant of a range of
temperatures. Some varieties, can only take cool waters. It's probably
pretty invasive. I found the specimens with a large shipment of plants
at a local aquarium retail outlet so its possible the name slipped by
customs. The same retailer told me he couldn't resell my Myriophylum 
anymore since they'd get in trouble (it's a kind of Milfoil). Someone
else said only the Eurasian Milfoil is restricted since the tropical
varieties could never survive in the wild.

It could be that customs overlooked the name on the declaration.
Another possibility is that it was misidentified as Egeria densa
which is quite similar in appearance.

It is an interesting question, since there are definite importation
restrictions on certain plants and possibly on the sale of some kinds
but I've never heard of a restriction on a hobbyist possessing a kind
of aquatic plant. Perhaps someone knows more about this.