Hey out there.  I need some info on the biological control of snails in a FW planted tank.  I 
seem to remember reading on the list that some species of Botia can help with this 
problem.  I would like to try avoiding the use of chemicals, if at all possible.  I do not wish 
to totally eradicate the snails as I know that having a small population of snails can be 
beneficial, as the larvae? burrow around in the substrate eating up organics and help keep it 
aerated.  Here are some questions I'd like to ask:

1. If getting a loach(s) is the way to go, are they picky about what kind of snails they like 
to eat?
2. Will the snails eat the plants?  I cannot report on which species I have, but I'm sure they 
arrived in the tank via the plants.  I purchased the plants in Houston, TX.  I do not know 
where the plants were originally purchased from either.

Also, what type of algae eater would people suggest? I do not want to go with the 
standard Pleco.  Thanks in advance.

Robb D. VanPutte
Dept. of Biology
Texas A&M University