Red Algae Invasion

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 Here am I again, Last time i got some trouble with send-mail. I've just
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Here is the message.

  We need some help to get rid off a red algae plage...
-We have a 75 galons aquarium, -CO2 automatic controled system, -2 Philips-aquarele 36W fluorescent units.  i   -The Aquarium  is 1 year old.  -Dual pump filtration system (30 Galon/h) which came with the aquarium, and an extra punp that only works during the light-time (12h).  -We change 1/4 of the water once per month. 
    -PH [6.9 .. 7.1]  ( 7.1 during the night, without CO2 system)
    -GH [8..12] ( 12 when we change the water, and using resines is lowered downto
    -Kh [5..9] ( 9 when we change the water)

  In order to fight that horrendous & terrible algae we have tried allmost 

     changed water, overfiltration, changed light-time ...

   Finaly we used an algae chemical controler called:

          Wardleys's ALLCLEAR II 
          which basically has something called 'Simazine '

  We put 0.14 oz (12 tablets) of this stuff ... This ought to be enougth for
a 60 galons tank. 

  As a result of this, 15 days later,  the red algae  looks weaken, but also
other plants. Our AngelFish look depressed ;-). 

  We changed the water (an 1/2 extra change this month), and plants and fish,
look like are going back to  normallity (angelfish eat again!)... and so does
the f*ck*ng red-algae  :-( 

  We identified our invasor was 'red algae' placing a pice of algae with alcohol,
in a few minutes it became red. Boiling and keeping it inside and outside the water
for 2 days  did not make change it's color.

          Please, can any one help us with this stuff?

							Ignacio & Vicente Gil

					      vgil at lander_es