Re: Elodea rooting

> I have some lovely stems of Elodea growing. (Olga you should get some from
> me) It grows like crazy with lotsa light. The trouble is, it doesn't
> seem to want to take root. The tank I have it in has only gravel for
> substrate. I should put a bit in the soil/vermiculite/gravel tank and
> see but lacked energy due to a recent flu bout.
> Does Elodea need a soil substrate to root properly?
> Will it be fine growing as it is, without roots?
> Steve     in Vancouver  with       rain          again. -sigh-

I have never been able to get elodea to root either.  I have about 15-20 strands of 
it which are beautiful.  It has been growing for about two months now without ever 
rooting, just growing.

Seems fine to me,

Tyson Lee
tyson at phoenix_net