Aquatic Greenhouse - me too!

Hello to everyone. 

Patrick recently mentioned that he's hoping to set up some tanks
to propogate good plants, and I'm hoping replies will be posted
to the group so I can learn more from everyone. I, too, am hoping
to set up a tank primarily for plants; due to size and money
limitations, I'm thinking of using a 10 - 15 gal tank. My short-
term goal is to provide plants for my 20 gal and 65 gal tanks;
my long-term is a Dutch aquarium (is that the correct term for 
a tank planted for its plant beauty?). 

This list has been the source of some great info and I hope to 
continue learning from everyone. Thank goodness I found this
just before the nasty winter hit - it is sooo relaxing to deal
with tropical fish instead of -30 windchills! :-)

Thanks again from  Patricia Humphrey, aka....
Mrs Bill (mrsbill at mail_durham.net) 
"I wanna rock n roll all night, & party everyday"