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Well Frank, to get rid of the snails, you can either:

1.      Use chemical means. A copper based snail killer (available from
aquarium products) will do the job fine. 

2.      If you don't like using chemicals, just add some dwarf cichlids in.
They'll do a great job of eradicating your snails- phantom or not. I added
in some kribs and the snail problem of mine is now gone.

Generally, if they do no damage to the the plants, I think they're fine.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there is one variety, the Ramshorn
Snail that is in fact suppossed to be beneficial (eats algae and debirs only).

Hope this works.

>From: franc at golden_golden.net
>Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 00:45:05 +0000
>Subject: Re: Phantom snails and SAE
>Hello all,
>A really strange thing happened the other night. I got up to 
>get a drink (of juice only) and I decided to check my tank.
>I didn't turn the lights at first and when my eyes adjusted to
>the light the bottom, which is by the way almost entirely covered
>by java moss, I saw literally hundreds of little white 'specks' 
>covering the moss. It looked as though there was a snow fall !!
>I immediately turned the lights on and discovered hundreds if
>not thousands of little snails happily munching on the algae that
>must have grown on java moss during the day.Av size was 3mm. 
>I never saw any algae myself but since plants apparently were never
>damaged  it seemed the most probable explanation.
>And I thought I didn't have any snails !!!!! I don't know what
>I should do about it (if anything) but I would welcome some
>suggestions from the members of this mailing list.
>On an unrelated subject, Siamese Algae Eaters are still quite hard
>to get here in Canada but the local shop here in Kitchener got them
>and they are the real ones. If some of Canadian readers of the list
>would like to get some please visit my web site for more info and 
>On my web site I also have pictures of my aquarium with all the
>technical  information.....
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