Re: "happy frogbit"

On Sun, 04 Feb 96 tomlins at CAM_ORG (Ed Tomlinson) wrote:

<<If the frogbit is really happy those leafs will be 2" round and will be
above the water level.  The roots will be feathery and up to a foot long.
I have lots of these in my filters and there they are very happy.   They
have never done quite as well in my aquariums.>>

I've been thinking about this, and questions of "plant happiness" as related
to size aside (are those 250 year old bonsai in the nat'l arboretum happy?),
I stumbled on a different frogbit/frog's-bit in the U Florida aquatic plants
web site (http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/).  They list a Limnobium spongia which
is larger and has raised leaves... perhaps we have different varieties of
Frogbit, if not different species altogether.  Mine certainly *seems*
happy... they get up & sing every morning, after all ;-)

A picture on the IFAS site has also made me wonder if a particular plant I
was sold as sagittaria something isn't actually "Tape plant" (they have some
strange common names - coon's tail for hornwort), aka Val Americana.  Humph.
 I feel so uninformed.  Maybe I've never laid eyes on a real sagittaria!

Anne (a Sagittarean)
Cool & Soggy Santa Cruz CA 
PS got a lead on the Riccia within a day of posting, thank you!