re:river tank? info?

>From: Jimcapwet at aol_com
>I have a 45 high with nothing to do( former live rock tank). I was thinking
>of trying the river tank kit in it has anyone worked with one (I want to try
>alot of plants in it.  Or I could try to set up an angel tank w/ swords and
>no filter system(??)

I haven't done a river tank, so I'll let someone else respond to that question.

I'd approach your plans for a zero-filtration angel tank cautiously.  In my
completely non-filtered tank, I only keep fish that will eagerly consume algae,
so I can keep my nutrient level down to a minimum.  I also have only 2" of
water in the tank.  I assume that this (plus the plants) assists with O2
diffusion to the bottom of the tank.

You might want to at least start out with some forced water motion and a
mechanical filter to help the tank balance itself out.  I'd add the angels
after setting the tank up with plants (maybe platies too since they eat algae
and are easy to catch back out later) and getting it stable.

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